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Thread: SP C50-9 Caboose Pack Review

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    Default SP C50-9 Caboose Pack Review

    A new review of Run 8's Southern Pacific C50-9 caboose pack

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    Thanks Chris for your reviews of Run8 rolling stock.
    The recent review you did of the Mixed Freight Pack 1 was good, and hopefully Run8 will add more variations of the BNSF/ATSF - caboose/ shoving platforms that are still being used to their future Mixed Freight Packs.
    Would like to see the cabooses get the addition of air whistles so that when you are riding on board and approaching a grade crossing you could use the whistle as per prototype practices.
    Chris you should put up links for the recent Run8 Depot videos you have done also, such as the CSX A-Line signals and Hazardous Materials and Train Placement etc, as these are very informative and some people might not be aware of them.



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    I will do that.

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    Chris if you put all your how to videos in one thread I will stick it so it stays up top for all to see .
    Work Safe play hard

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