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Thread: Texturing Novice Queries

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    Default Texturing Novice Queries

    Hi all,

    I am newbie to modelling. I came up with the following WAP-4 model for MSTS/OR.


    I am a complete novice on texturing. So to begin with I have the following queries in mind:

    1. Are there tutorials to follow to skin a locomotive as realistic as possible from scratch?
    2. I use blender for modelling. Does MSTS support materials or only an image texture work?
    3. In such a case are there methods to transport materials developed in blender to MSTS.
    4. I recently came to know about substance painter. Is it possible to use a substance painter for texturing a locomotive that is suitable for MSTS/OR simulations.


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    Default Texturing Novice Queries


    Well - I don’t use Blender - but texturing things is kind of my niche - I spend a great deal of time working on textures for my models - probably more time than I do developing the shapes...

    No - neither MSTS nor ORTS supports PBR materials - just textures... If I were you - I’d forget MSTS entirely as it degrades textures horribly and you have to introduce noise and such to prevent banding on gradients... I very happily left that behind...

    If you do textures for ORTS only - just use DDS textures and you can export them directly from either PS or PSP with the NVidia plugin...

    You want to minimize draw calls as much as possible - if you need tutorials - You may need a bunch more info than this - I’m on my iPhone - I’ll try to put more information together when I get in front of a PC...

    Nice model !


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    Hi, Scott. Thanks for this starting point. Will look forward for more when you have time.


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    One thing that Blender does well is render an extremely high poly model and use those detailed textures on a much lower poly model.

    1. Try these tutorials -
    2. MSTS only supports a proprietary texture format - ace. While OpenRails lets you use DDS texture format. The texture basics are here:
    3. As Scott indicated MSTS/OR only supports textures - no bump maps, etc
    4. You can use substance painter - however the MSTS texture MUST be a power of 2. And each individual texture is a separate draw call. So most models use a texture sheet like these:
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    Brilliant. Thanks longiron

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