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Thread: Issues Modifying Paths in TrackViewer

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    Question Issues Modifying Paths in TrackViewer


    I've been trying my best to wean myself off of using the old MSTS activity editor for any step in the activity making process. One issue I seem to come across and have no remedy for is paths being stunted in TrackViewer. I will provide screenshots when able.

    As an example, I want to create a path from Field to Revelstoke on MLT's Rogers Pass. To keep with traffic flow, the player path will need to take a diverging path at Downie where it goes from single to double track. When the "other exit" is selected, the route updates to the new exit and ends at the next node. That happens to be the east end of the setout track at Albert Canyon. If I attempt to revert the path, the path will abruptly end at the next node on the left handed track. Therefore, making the ability to get down the mountain to Revelstoke impossible.

    Is there something I may be missing? None of the options seem to help the path get by the next facing or trailing Point switch.

    As always, any assistance is much appreciated in advance!


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    Page up will add to the path, page down will subtract.
    Right click on a switch to change direction.
    Kinda counter intuitive until you've done it a couple times.


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    And Shift+PageUp will extend the path until the end of the line, which is the standard MSTS AE behavior.

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    Lo and behold, this key command did the trick! Thank you. It was my lack of foresight that had me diving in without reading the manual first.


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    Another thanks to rdayt. I really really stomped by my paths not going as far as I wanted. Using the PageUp key did the trick. I really might be able to leave MSTS Editor behind once and for all.

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