Good Evening Everyone,

When i get a New PC i Will Work on the FGLK Mega Set Trona (Non-Evaperatave Marine Material) STSX Tate and Lydel HFCS Tanks 50" 60" Inch Box Cars Coal Hoppers

the Trona Hoppers wold be Ex-GATX 10 Loaded 236589,660395,445879,200145,927365,554569,632059,7 50236,555223,222365.

Ex-CM&O(Chicago,St.Paul,Minneapolis and Omaha) Coal For the UP/SP Merger in July 3rd of 1996 12 Set Of Empty

2134,5467,9876,521,0988,3869,2121,3245,989,6978,35 6,7989

DTTX FGLK Centerbeams 3 pak Ex-CN Ex-AOK 435,6787,708

TTRX Spines 456980A 456980B 456980C 3 Pak

DTTX Stacks Will be Included in this Set will have FGLK on the Well Sets

Repaints of Boxcars i wold Concider

Ex-NS Ex-UP Ex-CSX Ex-CR Ex-WC Ex-SRY Ex-ARMN* (Reefer)

I'll have fun with this