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Thread: Yet another route question.....

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    Question Yet another route question.....

    Is anyone even thinking about doing (or perhaps) even working on a MODERN route somewhere within the 48 states? I don't even count the payware vendors anymore so I guess it's up to the individual(s).

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    Cool Modern route?

    I am working on the Virginian and when complete (though I don't plan to detail it too much) will cover
    all of the VGN west of Roanoke, and the N&W between Roanoke & Blue Field. It will include scads of
    coal mines, so the activity creators ought to blow their minds with it. The image is of the connection
    near Ripplemeade, VA which connects the VGN (left) and the N&W (right). I use a light gray stone
    transfer for the sub-ballast of the N&W and a dirtier look for the VGN. The two roads merged in
    1959 and then it was just N&W. Now it is NS but note:
    1. currently, Mullins to Princeton (VGN) is embargoed.
    2. Kellysville to Narrows (VGN) is long gone, buried under the EB lanes of US-460.

    J. H. Sullivan
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