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Thread: What do you like about Openrails/MSTS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heruraha93 View Post
    oh cool - doing stuff with australian routes, - i dont know much about editors for MSTS/OR and where i would even start with US or Euro routes and the Protrain stuff whihc i have a tonne of cover muchs of my needs there, but if i had some aussie content, i could have fun putting things together there - where could i find australian content, - whether free or downloadable? i know there is some blue mountains content, but i would really like to know how i could get some NSW/Victorian content

    - edit - i looked in the file library here and see that there is so good aussie content, - i attempted to look before but didnt know what category to be looking under for things and now sure the world diesel locomotive category and there the PacNat freight trains are!

    As mentioned - this is a good jumping off point for Australian content:


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    that content looks superb - the 3801 is perfect and even a Garratt too, its a beast.

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