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    The Demon 311

    This story is not true, nor is it my own. WraithMike is the original creator of the story.

    The year is 1952. Around 8:00pm, on October 31st, a Baldwin 4-8-2 locomotive numbered 311, waits patiently for its engineer. The strong engine seems to pant at the arrival of its master. Sadly, due to the engine's constant owner changes, he was never given a proper roadname or number. 311 remained his alias and today, he was working for the Clinchfield. A middle-aged engineer by the name of Joel climbs the ladder and enters his beloved locomotive. He doesn't seem happy today, as he looks down at the scar on his hand. He looks out the window, and stares at the man who gave it to him. "Someday, someday." He looks down at his instructions.

    Jack, the conductor, reads the orders.

    1: Connect to logging consist parked just outside the logging camp

    2: Depart logging camp

    3: Return to Yard.

    "You alright with that?"

    "Ok, not to difficult,I guess." As 311 departs, the whistle is blown two times. Five hours later, The 311 runs at around 50mph through heavy rain, wind, and total darkness with a fully loaded logging consist of 19 cars. The driver gently applies sand, as he knows that the infamous trestle is near. Unknown to him, the swelling river has kinked the rails on the bridge. Disaster is calling the 311, and 311 answers. As the train rounds the corner, the engineer spots the kinked rail under the 311's headlight. He immediatly applies the brakes. The force of the tender smashing backwards into the log car allows Larry, the fireman, to jump to the log cars and dislodge the coupler and apply enough braking force to stop the cars.

    "WAIT! HELP!" he screams as the engine thunders on without him.

    The engine, however, races forward. As his last words, the engineer yells out, "DARN IT ALL! DANG YOU ALL TO HECK FOR ETERNITY! I CURSE THIS ENGINE IN THE NAME OF THE MIGHTY BRAVE HERO ENGINEER CASEY JONES AND ALL OF HIS DESCENDANTS TO ROAM THIS RAILWAY UNTIL THE END OF TIME AND TARNATION BEFALL ANY SOUL WHO DARES GO NEAR HIM!" As he says this, the engine slams into the kinked rail and plummets off the bridge, landing in the river below, drowning both itself and the engineer.

    The next day, an SW7 switcher discovers the abandoned cars of 311. The word goes out, and a memorial is held. Attempts were made to salvage the engine, but neither the train nor the engineer were ever found. A year later, on October 31st, a F7A freight drives down the tracks over the bridge. Something appears at the end of the bridge. It looks like a steam train, but it's headlight is blood red, as well as the steam. It suddenly disapears, and the freight engineer continues, unable to forget what he just saw. As he passes an abandoned track, someone watches. Something watches.

    Alright. If you have a fanfiction about trains weather it be Thomas, Real Trains, Popular Train Series, Full Bucketniers, etc. Please post them here.
    LONG LIVE BNSF 8010!

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    The Storm of 1952: A Full Bucketniers FanFiction


    It was a busy day on the Full Bucket Line. Luke was getting ready to take the Bucketliner Daylight to Las Vegas and then onto Salt Lake City. However, it came to his surprise when Jack, Southern Pacific ALCO PA 6021, was already coupled onto the Express Train.

    What the heck is goin' on? He asked.

    Jack Responded with: Mr. Iverson has ordered me to take this train. He trusts me to get it to Salt Lake City, where I'll wait for Brad to show up with the City of San Francisco. I'll then take it to my home in Oakland. It's been fun knowing all of you, especially you, Luke. You're the darndest engine ever made if I may say so myself.

    Tyler was sad to see him go, "Say Hi to my brothers if you see them." He said.

    Jack happily acknowledged and when the conductor gave the signal, he departed.

    Jack was soon thundering down the mainline in the Desert, but soon enough, the hot dry deserts of California and Nevada gave way to the Snowy Heck of a Waterless Grassland in Utah. Nevertheless, he struggled on Valiantly until he and 6022 reached Salt Lake City. Upon arrival, they were unhooked from the Bucketliner Daylight and turned around on the wye. As they pulled into the station, they realized that something was wrong.

    "Where the heck could they be? What on earth is taking them so darn long?" asked Jack.
    Presently, he heard a loud horn.

    It was Brad, and he was very late.

    "Sorry I'm late! That stupid snow was playing silly tricks on me and I couldn't get an ounce of daggone traction dagnabbit!" he drawled in his southern American accent.

    Jack felt sorry for him. "Don't worry, but I'd better have a danged good explanation if I'm behind schedule as this is the express, which CANNOT be late!"

    Soon after, Jack was coupled to the train and departed for Donner. It was a simple Journey, until he realized the trouble he would be in. At Truckee, he met Doug the SP 2-8-0 Consolidation 2579.

    "Be careful, Jack! The tracks are covered with ice and snow! You better darn well be careful or you might not make it!" he warned.
    Jimmy pulled up next to him and backed him up. "Watch out for icicles! They could cause an accident.... Oh shoot. LOOK OUT BELOW!"
    As if to prove his point, a bunch of Icicles dropped from the roof of the caboose Doug was towing. The conductor jumped out of the way just in time and that saved his life.

    "You're a hero. Sadly, I've got to get going. Mr. Iverson will be angry if this train is late."
    With that said, Jack left Truckee with his train orders to proceed to Norden and Await the arrival of his Cab Forward Helper.

    Little did he know. The City of San Fransico would be in more trouble than he thought.
    LONG LIVE BNSF 8010!

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    Jack was making good time. His engineer, Benny, looked at his watch.
    "Geez, Jack! You've made up for lost time, heck we're even 2 hours early! You deserve a brand new coat of paint when we arrive in..."
    Before he could say San Francisco, the Conductor interrupted.
    "ALL ABOARD! OUR HELPER IS HERE! Let's get the heck out of here so we won't be late!"
    Cab Forward 4205 coupled onto Jack.

    "So how's helper duty?" asked Jack.
    "GREAT! I'VE NEVER FELT BETTER!" replied the Cab Forward. He was unusually happy for a big engine demoted to smaller work.

    Never the less, 4205 pumped his pistons as hard as he could. He huffed, and puffed, and blew his whistle loudly! He lunged forward hauling the heavy express train behind him. The loud sounds of roaring and chugging echoed through the Sierras as the three engines heroically struggled on through the storm. It seemed like a peaceful train ride, but before long the train was engulfed in a whirl of snow.

    Through the mist of the storm, another Cab Forward shouted, "Watch out! Snow is accumulating on the rails!"
    4205 didn't care and just forged on. A second cab forward warned him of the dangers, but he still didn't listen. Jack was worried.

    "Excuse me, good sir?"
    "THAT'S MR. CAB FORWARD TO YOU, YOUNG DIESEL!" threatened the mighty cab-in-fronter mallet.
    "Please, I don't think they're joking. There's a reason why they were pushing Rotary Plows." replied Jack.
    "TO HECK WITH ROTARIES!" jeered 4205.

    Without another word, they struggled on valiantly through the biting freezing cold wind as it howled through the canyon.

    "CLEAR SIGNAL" shouted 4205.
    "CLEAR" repeated Jack.

    The language of the rails was being spoken between its guardians as the train thundered on. "CLICKETY CLACK! CLICKETY CLACK!"

    Then there was trouble...
    An avalanche had tumbled from 2000 feet off the face of the mountain.
    4205 spotted this. "LOOK OUT! AVALANCHE AHEAD" he bellowed.
    Jack and 6022, as if on cue, slammed on their brakes, reversed engines, and opened their throttles wide, hoping that the train would stop just before the avalanche. But it wasn't enough. The train got closer and closer until "BOOM!" It struck the avalanche with a loud "CRUNCH!"

    "OH SMOKESTACK-DAGNABBIT!" shouted 4205.
    "HELP! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY SAVE US!" yelled 6022.
    Jack remained calm, "Everyone be quiet and keep calm. Your loud shouting and whistling could start another avalanche. One that could really mess things up and turn this small mishap into a big accident! Not that it hasn't yet!"

    Luckily, nobody was hurt, but the 3 engines were mired in a deep avalanche. The passenger cars were in the clear and could be rescued.
    The Conductor radioed dispatch. He expected Mr. Iverson to be angry, but instead he was worried.

    "I'd better have a darn good explanation if I don't rescue them and they don't make it." he thought.

    Mr. Iverson radioed orders to send Tom, SP ALCO PA 6019 to take the train but only once Cab Forwards 4173 and 4155 had rescued the train.

    4173 and 4155 arrived to take the coaches away.

    "Is everybody okay? I hope they're okay. Please answer us." 4173 was anxious and so was her brother 4155.
    "YES! We're fine! But please hurry up, already. Hurry, please." begged the conductor.
    4155 just responed with, "Don't worry, sir. We won't let you down!"
    Just as they were about to pull away, Jack heard a rumble above them.
    "Oh no look at that!"
    "What?" asked 4155.
    "Oh crud! It's another slide! Hurry, 4155, Hurry!" Jack screamed in panic.
    "Oh geez, let's get the heck out of here, for BALDWINS SAKES!" shouted 4173. The last car cleared before the mighty snowslide had a chance to knock it off the tracks.
    They hurried back to the snowsheds, dropped off the cars and ran back to rescue the diesels.

    4205 was worried.
    "Don't worry, we'll be fine. Help is on the way!"
    "HELP! OVER HERE! WE'RE STUCK!" shouted Jack.
    Before he could say another word, he felt a hard "BUMP-BANG!"
    4155 and 4173 were back!
    4205 didn't want to be rescued.
    "I've lived a long life. Make sure these youngsters get home safely. Tell them I'm sorry for snapping at them earlier. Will you forgive..."
    Before he could say another word, Jack said he accepted his apology but before he could say goodbye, 4155 and 4173 had pulled him away.

    "What about 4205?" he asked.
    4173 replied with, "he didn't want to be rescued. He'll be fine."
    4155 tried to cheer Jack up, but to no avail. And just when things couldn't get any worse, they did.


    4155 jumped up into the air!

    "OW! WAIT! HELP!" he screamed in pain!


    Jack felt it too and so did 6022, who was jolted awake from his sleep.

    "What the? Oh no" said 6022.

    The conductor climbed down and sure enough, another accident had happened, at the worst possible time.


    Just then, he heard a loud yell, "HELP! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! HELP ME!" and a loud rumble and crash!
    He knew what that was.

    "4205...... We're so, so sorry we couldn't rescue you." said Jack, in great dispair and helplessness.

    Yes, sirree! You've seen it and heard it. The first two chapters of my Full Bucketniers Fanfiction are done. This was adapted from 3DTS Storm of 1952 Addon for MSTS. Let me know what you think.
    LONG LIVE BNSF 8010!

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