Dovetail Games the company that just keeps on sucking people in with the power of curiosity.
In the back of my mind I will tell myself it looks so much better than the last version and it's got routes that interest me so it must be good. I will convince myself that this version will answer all my train simming needs and I won't fall for Dovetails well established bad business practice of releasing incomplete routes and train sets knowing that I may have to buy another DLC add on to complete that route. Yep! I'm Curious and you know what they say about curiosity - "Curiosity killed the wallet" - but I just can't resist .
OH Hell here we go again!. NO WAIT, I got more common sense than that, I won't fall that trap again, Get me the hell out of here. PHEW that was close - back to my favorite trainsimulator RUN8 for now .