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Thread: New Canadian route to be released soon - Oakfield Subdivision Toronto.

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    I haven't had time to so the whole route yet, these are screenies of part of the 2D map at the bottom end, however, as with all their offerings, the customer is still restricted to where we can walk and drive, for some unknown reasoning......The blue circle denotes where you cannot access, walking or driving, but it looks good on the 2D map as though DTG want you to think that the map looks completely available, whereas after you buy it you find out it isn't, just like about 25% of the British map DLC content of the Tees Valley Line.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    These are quick 2Ds I had created for those of RTSX & Others wondering about the lone FreeRoam Scenario "Hamilton Explorer". Which you'll see / experience, is indeed very limited in the playing world. This also means no fresh InBnd traffic, nor OutBnd traffic from / to the outside world.

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    After watching the video here's what I got from it.

    1: No passenger trains planned at this stage.
    2: Licencing issues with some air horns and bell
    3: Locomotives from CSX Heavy Haul route not compatible or any ability to include them in free roam mode and that possibly means there might not be the ability to add different railroad locomotives to mainline trains for any future trans-con route or sections of those routes even if editor became available.

    Free Roam Mode:

    1: You can load and unload the ethanol tank cars.
    2: You can not load or unload the hopper cars but the center beams cars do have the ability to load and unload but the user can't do it yet and no places are provided to do it.
    3: You can't leave the yard and do a mainline run to industries.
    4: No AI Trains



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    Basically a complete waste of time and money then, as far as i am concerned.

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    Sadly.. All of the above is so very true. Graphics are very nice though!.

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    If TSW put as much effort into train operations as they did on the appearance of the route and rolling stock, they could have a winner.
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