i did a reinstall of msts as i screwed things up with installing and uninstalling mstsbin before,

i followed the advice given of the order of patches to add and even used the windows application commpatibilty toolkit to patch the exe as described here https://www.trainsim.com/vbts/showth...e-from-8-to-17

but i was still only getting around 6-14 fps in the game (leaving aside OR for the moment) and it was particularly bad with the Protrain addons i have

so i used dgvoodoo2 ( DGvoodoo2_55.zip is the version i use) and put the appropriate files in teh game folder and ran the dgvoodoocpl.exe (with admin rights -important to do that) and tried a few options but the best one simply is the DGvoodoo accelerated card setting and i deselect no mipmapping and even can put on some anti-aliasing and set the vram to 1024

and now msts runs perfectly with around 30fps constantly