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Thread: Confusing Merging Route

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    Default Confusing Merging Route

    Hi I am trying to merge two routes but there is a lot of confusion can someone please upload a video tutorial because I have saw the guide of ChiFan but it was to confusing can someone create a video tutorial on it Please!

    Link to ChiFan Guide:

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    I doubt if someone is just going to make a video tutorial for you on this subjust because it will take quite of bit of work and most of all time to just create one.

    But if you just use the search feature for this forum, there is a wealth of infomation on this subject to guide you along with such a project.

    I even found one just doing a quick search. Line #8 on the threat link below should answer some of those questions you might have.
    - Mark -

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    Ok thanks for your help Mark

    Best Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parth3315$ View Post
    Ok thanks for your help Mark

    Best Regards,
    It might help if you actually share what you are confused about

    Having merged some Indian routes (which I suspect you my be trying), I might be able to assist as long as you share in detail what you are trying to achieve

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    Ok thanks joe_star I have send you a private message please check it.

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