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Thread: CSXWA Subdivision Ref file

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    The monon.ref file was included in the routes shape folder. I figgered it might have been used, along with the shapes and textures, by copying it to the route. After looking at it it's easy to tell it wasn't.
    I use TSRE so using a .ref file from another route won't do anything but not give you anything to place. It won't hurt the route.
    This Ref File Manager you mention is way cool. I've never seen it. Thanks for the heads up.
    Wonder how hard it would be to integrate Shapeviewer into it.
    Glad Mr. Pooh has things sorted out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by baldwin View Post
    Just for information, neither MSTS or Open rails need the ref file to run trains and the AE is happy without it. even the RE will open without it being present, but will give errors if shapes in a ref file are not present.
    When my son was starting out with MSTS a few years back & he wanted to start modding some routes for himself. He called me over because he was getting an error box saying the red file was looking for a shape that wasn't there. Well going through his ref and shape folder, he had over 130 entries in the ref file that had no Shapes or Textures for them in the route's folders. And on his old Quad-Core 32bit Win7 machine it overwhelmed it a few time before it booted him out of MSTS & MSTSRE & AE, After I clean the ref for him, he booted just fine in MSTS and it's tool programs. So yes, I have seen it boot you from it if the ref was botched up.
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    You have to start MSTS to get to the tools. If the ref file for a route is faulty when the route is opened in the MSTSRE, then yes, you eventually get tossed out to the desktop. This does not happen if not using the MSTSRE because MSTS does not use the ref file to run a route if not in the RE.
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