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Thread: Rise the Tracks to use USh

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    Default Rise the Tracks to use USh

    Could someone please provide support explaining how to resolve the following issue:

    I want to use ¨high ballast tracks¨ available at, the tack is sunker into the ground, how could I rise the tracks to use this type of tracks with this nice effect of high ballast??

    1. I create a backup of my original US tracks
    2. then I already renamed all pieces of track (downloaded from - high ballast)
    3. I replaced the US tracks with the remaned
    3.1 they are working fine but are sunken into the ground...

    I will appreciate any support!!

    thanks and regards

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    I think there is a TSutils function for that – but I don't know how it's named.
    TSutils is included in Route Riter.

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    Go to -> "Installation Instructions" -> Point 3. I have used this method successfully to raise the tracks in a number of routes I converted to DB tracks. If I remember correctly, after executing the BAT file, inside the folder of your route you will find a new folder named "NewRoute" (or something similar). Copy all content (folders and files) of that "NewRoute" folder into the folder of your route, allowing it to overwrite existing files. After that, you can delete the "NewRoute" folder.

    The only caveat with this method is that the version of "tsection.dat" in your "Global" folder has to be compatible with the "tsection.dat" of the route you are working on. Otherwise, upon execution of the BAT file you will get a message that the tracks could not be raised. For that reason I keep a collection of different versions of "tsection.dat" in a separate place. Sometimes it is a trial-and-error thing to find out which one works with a particular route.

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