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Thread: Something rotten on the ORTS MILW Idaho Division V2 Route

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    Default Something rotten on the ORTS MILW Idaho Division V2 Route

    Hello Guys:

    I installed the new version of the Milwaukee Idaho Division today, and it will not work.

    First, I AM RUNNING IT in Open Rails...........I go to start the "green screen" to select what I want (Explore & trainset). I have installed all the parts via 7-zip, and the Global folders to the system Global. Run the Install and Update Me BATS as I presume required The route DOES NOT appear on the list of routes.

    I opened the MLWIW01_V2 and noticed the TRK file is not there. As an experiment I copied over the TRK file from the original version 1 route. Finally it starts to load but crashes being now missing the TIT, RIT and TDB files, which I also then copied over.

    Finally it fully loads and I get to see my train in Avery Yard where I will start the Explore..........HOWEVER.....I now get this???
    It looks like it's missing a ground texture?? or track texture I can't figure obvious clue in the OR desktop Log file, other than a few equipment errors in the consistitself.

    Is something flooey with this route or are we missing files that are not there???

    Any help or others on this problem appreciated.

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