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Thread: Something rotten on the ORTS MILW Idaho Division V2 Route

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    I wrote down this in PM's to some people, but now it's time to post it.

    This is not an MSTS route. I'm working a lot and have a family with 2 little children, I really not have much time to try to feed this route to the super-sensitive MSTS. I will not working on the compatibility. This route is now a therapy for me, to chill down a bit when I got a half an hour per day to sit down and do something on it - mostly at night. I can't spend my half hours to weed out all the typos and other issues which isn't a problem to ORTS. Sorry, I just can't do that.

    Anyway, if any of You would like to help me, I will happily pass this task for him. The sigcfg is in the route, anyone can try it. It's not rocket science, just takes time.

    And of course I'll do my best to fix any other issues with the route which revealed by You all. So please go on with testing, it'll be better with Your help. Thank You a lot!


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    Many of us are now running these new routes in OR because they crash MSTS and we are slowly learning the new sim. When it comes to making activities or any new paths, etc., we fall back on the good old MSTS activity editor. It has been good to me/us and I do not need to try and figure out the activity editor in TSRE, if in fact there is one. I cannot access my MSTS editor because the program is calling for the sigcfg file but cannot load same because of an error on line 2189.

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    I want to thank Oliver2 /Peter, not sure witch one is right, but it not important really.
    Thank you for all your hard work, this route is amazing as it is, of course there are fixes to be made, i am happy with this update.

    Yes, it is the corrrect direction to play Open Rails. And it is time to get over that MSTS. It was fun and all but Open Rails is the future for sure.
    I would not worry about thats signal file that gives you errors. Yes i did a bit fixing on it. There 2 lines you need to correct, and then you get the script erro in that signal cfg file. Once you correct those 2 lines, script error still shows, but it works, can be ignored. You can create activites with original MSTS tools.
    Anyway, thank you again for your hard wok and thank you for a big free route even with those minor signal error where light is alway red or yellow , cars passing through trains.... not bothered by that really. Hey its a free route... can't wait to give it full run

    Cheers o/ Have a good day all

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    One moe thing, just read my last post....
    I am sorry for spelling errors.

    Good day to all .

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    I guess I am an old dinosaur at 81, but I still use RE to create the route, and AE to make the
    activities. However, I use ORTS to check the route, Time brings change and MSTS showed up
    in 2001, so it is amazing that the original version still works on anything.

    Anyway, Thanks Peter, 1/2 hour a night with 2 little ones, you must have a lot of patience.

    Guess I will have to learn more about TSRE.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Hi Jerry,

    I'm 31, but steadfastly dedicated to my ways, and unwilling to change.

    Peter needs to slow down and spend some time de-bugging his work every so often. Anyone working with computers knows that you must stop construction and de-bug errors once in a while.

    I just sent him this same link to my Drop Box.

    I hope these errors help clear up the problems.

    I will leave the link active for a couple days so people can download the error messages for de-bugging.


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    Peter, understand how trains can be therapy with kids. Especially hard kids
    thank you for sharing it

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    G'day, I had some problem with the route and so I decided to reinstall it very carefully. The result was I now have zero errors in "RouteRiter" there are still some stutters but not as bad as before. The OR log file still has errors but I am not sure how to fix them.
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    From what I have seen the route is really good. The errors that are there will either be eventually
    fixed by Peter, or someone else. It would be much more constructive if others fix some errors, and
    then report on here what you did to fix them. I am grateful to Peter for tackling this route. In the
    beginning, I had considered doing the passenger route too, but since more than 1/2 of it was on
    trackage rights over the UP, and since passenger service died 19 years before the rest of the
    Pacific Extension, I didn't.

    If someone fixes a issue and reports "how to fix" on here, then Peter can elect to use the data or

    Jerry Sullivan

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    Default Something rotten on the ORTS MILW Idaho Division V2 Route

    Route is working a bit better for the wack-nuts who don't stop at the crossings....Oh well, TOUGH NOOGIES if the Bipolar flattens you.......................sit back and enjoy the view.......Thank you Peter
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    Happiness is when the AI-trains appear where you want them to

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