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Thread: using Protrain addons in ORTS -issues

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    Default using Protrain addons in ORTS -issues

    okay i have gotten MSTS back up and going and installed some Protrain addons and a problem keeps rearing up whihc i thought initially was my error but now i am not so sure

    in MSTS in protrain, when for whatever reason (often if i had inadvertently missed a signal/speed limit change) the emergency braking applies automatically, and hten i have to come a stop to fully release the brake again before i can start moving again

    so far in every instance that this has happened in with Protrain in OR, when the emergency TCS applies, i cant release the brake at all, - i hit the security button, do a full handbrake release , i try putting all brakes on and then offen again, i try putting reverser bakc to neutral and starting again - nothing the emergency brake jsut stays on

    am i doing something wrong here? what can i do to release this?

    also with Protrain there was a logbuch at the start of the activity that has the session information that i can refer back to during it as to what my instructions are, but that doesnt appear to work in OR or is it a different button?

    and also i am not sure switches are working right - i had to reverse and switch a track so as to collect some waggons but the switches were locked so i did manual override to move them and collect the empty cars, this however appears to turn then all the signals around me red, and so when i started to go forward again, the red signals cause teh emergency brakes to apply and then i am stuck

    is anyone else her familiar with protrain and using these in OR?

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    okay i think i have all these issues resolved - i am glad and i like that what was keep the emergency brake on is that there was some other issue i had to first fix, - in one case there was a misaligned switch that i had to correct

    and i see while i am on manual switching i just need to request permission where needed and then can switch back to auto signals

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    You were probably in an "out of control" situation...which triggered the emergency brake, Ctrl+M will reset brakes, also you may have to initialize section below quoted from manual...READ or Search manual when encountering problems.

    8.6.8 Emergency Brake Application Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108
    8.6.8 Emergency Brake Application Key
    The Backspace key is used, as in MSTS, to apply the train brakes in an emergency situation without requiring
    operation of the train brake lever. However in OR moving the brake lever back to the Release
    position will only cause OR to report Apply Emergency Brake Push Button. The Backspace key must be
    pressed again to cancel the emergency application, then normal operation can be resumed. When the
    button is active, the F5 HUD will display Emergency Brake Push Button in the Train Brake line.
    10.3.3 Out-of-Control Mode
    This is a special mode. Normally, the player train should not be in this mode. The out-of-control mode is
    activated when the player violates a security rule. Such incidents are:
    • when the player train passes a signal at danger (SPAD);
    • when the player train passes over a misaligned switch;
    • when the player train runs beyond the end of the authorised path.
    These actions will place the player train into out-of-control mode. In this situation, the emergency brake
    is activated and maintained until the train is stopped. The player has no control over his train until it is at
    a standstill.
    Once the train has stopped, the player can switch to Manual Mode to try to return to a correct situation
    (e.g. get back to in front of the signal at danger, authorised path etc.). Once a normal situation has been
    restored, the player can switch back to Auto Mode. If the action led the player train onto a section of
    track already cleared for another train, that train is also stopped.
    7.6.2 Initialize Brakes
    Entering this command fully releases the train brakes. Usually the train must be fully stopped for this to
    be allowed. This action is usually not prototypical. Check the keyboard assignment for the keys to be
    pressed. The command can be useful in three cases:
    • A good number of locomotives do not have correct values for some brake parameters in the .eng
    le; MSTS ignores these; however OR uses all these parameters, and it may not allow the brakes to
    release fully. Of course, it would be more advisable to correct these parameters.
    • It may happen that the player does not want to wait for the time needed to recharge the brakes;
    however the use of the command in this case is not prototypical of course.
    • The player may wish to immediately connect brake lines and recharge brakes after a coupling operation;
    again, the use of the command is not prototypical.
    Note that this command does not work if the Emergency Brake button has been pressed – the button must
    be pressed again to cancel the emergency brake condition.
    Shift + / = Initialize Brakes
    Ctrl+M = switches to manual mode
    Cheers, R. Steele [Gerry] It's my railroad and I'll do what I want! Historically accurate attitude of US Railroad Barons.

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    yes thanks for references, i went looking in the manual but mainly just regard teh SPAD designation and in the section on the Track monitor it gives this information

    - i didnt think it was an OR feature the auto emergency braking, as i am so used to it just in the Protrain series now that i thought my train doing it was protrain specific, but now i know that OR has the feature which is fine by me.

    I also like kind of waiting for the brakes to recharge themselves, so i am not rushing to override anything, i just was unfamiliar with teh new process

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