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Thread: MILW Idaho Division v2 screenshots

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    Default MILW Idaho Division v2 screenshots

    Hi to all,

    I have taken some time learning to use TSRE in creating activities and am getting the hang of it. I have been able to create a simple activity using TSRE and, for the paths, used OR`S track viewer

    The following is between Plummer, going NB to Spokane and meets a SB at Mozart.

    Mozart by Denis Gionet, sur Flickr

    The challenge to come is how to install loose consists in the route with TSRE or OR, since I cannot open in the MSTS AE.

    For those familiar with Activity Generator, I have made a template package for the original route by Jerry a few years back. Now, I would like to extend the package using the extension line between Plummer and Spokane.

    I am aware there is a lot of work for Peter to enhance the route, which probably includes some additional marking of unmarked sidings, etc... So this template extension is not for tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I will continue learning with activity creation, hoping to eventually replace the MSTS AE.

    Enjoy the screenshot


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    That looks great, Dennis. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the TSRE activity editor. I'm sure grateful we've got it.

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    Placing consists is really easy in TSRE. Select the consist in AE mode and place it on the track. It's also easy to create action events as well.
    M. Payne

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