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Thread: Issue to get Indian Trains in TS 2020

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    Default Issue to get Indian Trains in TS 2020

    Hello guys. I have bought and installed Train Simulator 2020 from Steam. I want to play Indian trains and routes. I have put BharatStream.exe manager in RailWorks folder. Then installed free stuff with the help of BharatStream.exe manager.

    My issue is I can't see that stuff in TS 2020.

    Can anyone help me.

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    I wasn't aware there was much if any Indian content for DTG TS.

    If I'm incorrect, then if you are referring to physical assets to add in your own route or scenario, you need to tick the relevant provider box(es) I the RH pullout.

    Failing that, contact the people you obtained it from.

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    Hello Rahul.

    If you already downloaded latest BS app. & their Free addons. Then please open you game.
    Edit any route which u have. Place your addon and play in free roam.

    For more help you can watch videos on Youtube. There are already many videos on that topic.

    Thank You
    With regards

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