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Thread: Mojave Madness Session 2/29/2020 8a PT

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    Default Mojave Madness Session 2/29/2020 8a PT

    Join Highball Run 8 for a condensed world session with a twist! This session will host only the Mojave and Barstow Yermo routes. You may bring your own train or use one that is present in the server. TeamSpeak 3 is required for this event.

    Due to an signal failure on the hill the signals are not working properly. All trains between Sandcut and Summit will be operating under track warrant control (TWC)

    There are a few DS Spots open please see the dispatch schedule here (requires a separate registration)

    DATE: 2/29/2020
    TIME: 08:00 am PST/11 ET

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    Sounds interesting, will do my best to join in!

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