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    Default Rolling Line

    No idea if others here at follow Rolling Line
    Anyways, thought perhaps may enjoy shots of various projects had been working on within.
    Some I created for Sean of RTSX. While Others for Smiley of FTRS, &, my own system SMRY (old/new logo).
    The yellow car a basic creation working on (Pressure Differential) getting a feel for various editing tools (Blender / & Gimp) for the most part. Outside game.

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    Been working inside Blender & 3D-Editor. Starting to create my version of GP38 for both SMRY within Rolling Line. I decided to go with a non-dynamic version for a change of pace. Got the basics laid out, inplace. Managed to finally get the cab cutout, still needs a basic control stand shape, fine tuning here & there, then move onto paint & stencils, etc. Slowly, but, surely making headway for my first attempt. Hopefully enjoy the snapshots.

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    Worked some more on our GP38. Today, refitted my rebuilt Side-Farmes, Spring-Packs, cutout lots of un-needed blocks around the Brake-Beams, giving the feel of openness & some depth. Eventually get around to learning to create & apply paint, textures for a better look / feel. Anyways the gray set is the old creations, the green set the latest versions installed. Even managed to create a bell, &, hang along the top of long-hood. learning lots of new things within both Blender & Rolling Line. A nice change of pace. Nothing else, hopefully enjoy the shots.

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    Managed to work on my version of GP38 again today. Had hit a rd. block in Blender trying to learn use of UV / textures / paint etc.
    Very least making headway once again. Feeling proud of myself thus far, having never used Blender til the last month, not too bad for a first project. Lots of fun, headaches, stumbling blocks along the way. Hoping to fine tune unit, along with paint job.

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    Today, been further tweaking on my version of GP38 for the SMRY. Fine tuning here & there, got the interior colored went with brown seats, liter green wall, (though doesn't look it in snapshots}. control-stand blackish color. Anyone with more Blender experience than myself would have a blast creating goodies for Rolling Line.

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    Worked some more on our GP38 in Blender for Rolling Line. On the fence may change the interior color to gray, we'll see. Here are the latest progress shots, enjoy!.

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    Spent a portion of last evening, &, this morn, working within Blender, on my version of PD-Car (Pressure-Differential) for a change of scenery. Couple quick shots within Rolling Line to enjoy!.

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    Been fine tuning / tweaking our PD-Car this morn.
    Managed to remove many wrinkles & creases, esp. both side & slope sheets.
    Enjoy The View!.


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