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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Another creation finished-up, off & on during, somewhat of a sleepless night.


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    I had recently finished up a pair of lite hearted Sumo Humanoid props, which I shared with both RTS, & RL. RTS saw the humor from their end, while RL Henchmen reactivated instant ban once again. I included myself in the text. If ya can't laugh at yourself... Anyways, must of read something into the snapshots, I fail to see / read. I guess humor's not excepted like the old days. Sadly, the world indeed seems to be heading down the drain. 20211107234031_1.jpgRRFans.jpgRTS-Sumo's.jpg

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    Projects haven created here & there, following Bonnie's untimely. Thought, perhaps others may enjoy snapshots, alongside the Holiday Season.


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    All the prior / following snapshots, have / are presented in order of their creation.

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    Very last Snapshot, for the moment. See, wasn't so bad. Do Enjoy! as, I surely enjoyed sharing them.

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