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Thread: Rolling Line

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    I don't use RL so no username. Just interested in promoting a neutral ground.

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    Today just for the hell of it took parts from my other creations. Sidewinders, Dozers, Trucks & Lifts, little of this, little of that. Came up with a piece of MofW I'm calling TracWELD. I think looks rather neat. At some point going to try several spinoffs.


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    Here's v2 of my homegrown TracWELD, with further detailing / refinements for todays project. Enjoy!.


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    A fella RLer requested another worker spinoff of my (Humanoid-Welder) in former shots.
    Wanted them using cutting torches for a diorama they're working on, with scrapping of engs / rollingstock being cutup as main theme.
    Was enough to get some creative juices going this rainy Thurs. Believe my (Humanoid) refitted with torch works well. Enjoy!.


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    Late Afternoon / Late Evening began working on an Alco HH-Series. For whatever reason while I dozed mid-day, the HH filled my head.
    Where they all pretty much look the same overall, just going to be an HH. Pvt Users can of the model envision a version of the day. I've cut out the cab roof, rebuilding so many times lost count, You know the drill. Something looking out of sorts, yada yada, not so sure any one model can ever be called complete.

    Anyways, thought would share a pair of snapshots, from SMRY backshops within 3D-Builder. Enjoy!.


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    Worked more on our Alco HH-Series. Been adding in finer details for the moment.
    At some point, going to produce another variation by removing journal box covers, &,
    placing roller bearing end caps inside, along with ditch lights & other equip. giving the unit a feeling of later use / conversion.
    Coming along nicely. Enjoy!.


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    Making further headway.
    Another round of details added.
    Spent a good chunk of time today, creating louvers.
    Just ahead of cab. along the LH. I've created pipework, with fittings, bends, valves, ballcocks, etc.
    which really adds another flare,. Believe, to be my fav part of the model thus far.
    As I go along, feel this model looks to have been modded / refitted with all sorts of parts later yrs.
    Got other details to add ditch lights, perhaps, MU receptacles, flag holders etc..

    I'm pretty sure at some point, will be forced to simplify a version, bring the verts down, as we're already way above 50k,
    which RL doesn't handle well as verts climb.
    I'll be trying my hand at another earlier version, with less hardware, fitted with hoop step rather than wells (staircases)
    crank out cab windows, along with other style of details, for another look / feel.

    Anyways, here's a pair of latest pictures, hopefully, others able to see further details created / added since yesterdays shots..


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    Added more detailing.. way too large a file for RL to operate, eventually will hack it up til bare minimum for game to use.
    The game has a cap of roughly 50k-55k verts, when models are that close, game will slow, stutter, you name it, if lots of others within the playing world. Dev has advised everyone in the past. Try to keep under 25k verts for smoothness.

    This project is way over at 217k verts, thus far. I just want to see how much detail I can add for a change of pace.


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    Late yesterday, suffered me some sort of setback. Suddenly the O'l noggin suffered some sort of expulsion of noxious fumes (brain fart).
    Suddenly, unable to recall steps used, trying this, trying that, generally feeling out of sorts. this morn more of the same, program open, drawing a blank. I've retyped just this message so many times, lost count. I'm generally feeling very far out in left field, off kilter.
    Hell, just fixing breakfast is / was a chore, don't believe ever got everything completed. I be walking around in a fog, banging into things, tripping over myself, you name it. Perhaps, the O'l dinosaur is indeed on his last legs. I can hear those henchmen of RL jumping with joys, "finally, goodnight Mr. Herbert".

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    I'd relax and get got of the computer. Hope you feel better Scott.



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