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Thread: Rolling Line

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    This Mornings Creation, fresh off both 3D-Builder / Blender production lines.


    Hopefully, Everyone able to Enjoy the Snippets. Til the next time, Take Care!.

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    Created a neat prop. U2 has come to visit Rolling Lines Lhasa, Tibet after my simulated quake earlier in the week.
    Bono, Edge, Adam, &, Larry are to help raise funds, feed Tummy's, &, fill hearts with music one again.


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    A tough Saturday ahead, as, I lay Dear Bonnie to rest for the final time.
    Your favorite song in memory. We shall indeed, meet again one day!.

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    With the health haven been on a downturn, somewhat lost my way with various RL projects.
    Anyways, had been working away at several I call, v1 / v2.
    Both, removed portions of their shells, to expose inner workings. Little of this, little of that. Do Enjoy!.

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    Another shot, showing little more of the details up under the rear wing. Radiator / Fan areas.
    Attachment 82392

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    Another project finished up this morn, between, repeated loss of internet. Early Generation RailCar: Pillsbury Flour.


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    You have a talent.... good stuff.

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    Why Thank You Kindly. Nice to read positive feedback for a change.
    Seems elsewhere, I be the lowest to ever have walked the earth.
    lol, sadly us dinosaur's be extinct, more ways then one.

    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    You have a talent.... good stuff.

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    not too sure if the attachment I created yesterday, has an issue.
    I tried so many time lost count in an effort to get the snapshot up like the others that were ahead of it.
    Anyways I'll give this another try.
    Showing little more of the details up under the wing, radiator / fan areas. I'll include the red unit, hoping to help both images post.
    20211030155140_1.jpg 20211031131142_1.jpg

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