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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Nice looking
    Rail Transport Systems for Run8 Train Simulator V3

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurvivorSean View Post
    Nice looking
    Thank You Kindly.

    Spent time today, roughing-in the WRV-Quarry. Also, created several Flats & Loads to go along with the Quarry.


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    Late Afternoon. Added another round of details created to the West River Valley Quarry. Using the O'l poles, cables, &, giant wheels I remember seeing as a kid just behind Gramp's house.


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    Preformed a little more detailing before bed.
    Created a little more overgrowth in front of the quarry.
    Snapped a couple of shots from atop the ledges.


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    Not feeling all that ambitious today, spent little time creating a pair of Heavy-Duty Shorty Gonds for owners WRVX = West River Valley (Quarry). Late last evening, began adding my props Cut Stone around the quarry, helping it to look, &, feely busy.


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    Late Night not able to sleep, got up, sat for a time creating somewhat of my special use Bulkhead-FlatCar, using my former CenterBeams, FlatCars, &, Other style Bulkhead parts. I created new Bulkheads themselves for a different look, gave the underbelly new arrangement in FrameWork, Piping etc. Piecemeal Decking. RubRails, little of this, little of that, til able to sleep once again. Enjoy!.


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    Early this morning went back to the home brewed BulkHead Flats. Brightened the yellow some, toned down the blacks, added general stencils, along with finer tweaks here & there. Have yet to include grab irons, end porches etc. Not sure just yet if will. Already other ideas for spinoffs. We'll just have to see where the mood takes us.


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    Latest RailCar creations have begun to arrive at the WRV-Quarry's 2-LoadOut areas. The track area inside the quarry itself, be for waste rock (RipRap) produced, &, bnd for the continual building of the West River Line. Smaller Side-Dumps in Lt. Green shown. In another shot we find our latest expansion, soon to be the home of our lifelong great family friend Emiel, (rip), & his Junk Yd. "Underpass Auto".


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    Been working on & off on the West River Valley project when the mood strikes, (down swing at the moment). Worked on more prop types as I remember them from boyhood. I've created another of Emiel's structures. 1 his open shed/pole barn which sat at his property in Guilford, Vt. which I helped erect, &, he also taught me how to operate an AirTrac, along with the art of drilling & blasting, followed by the latest structure, which sat in Wallingford, Ct. Home of Underpass Auto Salvage. I've also a truck & trailer model which will be both the B = Brattleboro, Vt. Sand & Gravel, along with N = Northfield, Ma. Sand & Gravel, which at times drove for during down / trouble times over the years with RRs. I've other props semi-started, crushed cars, stacked autos, several crusher types, frontend loaders etc. which, hopefully will get back to eventually. Anyways, hopefully others able to enjoy the snapshots thus far.


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