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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Well, tonight the RL CSI Dept. locked/removed latest GP (SafetyCab), for whatever reason, only, to discover unfounded, severely mistreated. Not so much as a sorry.
    Once model's available again, I'll be removing them myself. Now the community, least some, have begun to jump ship. Such a sad state of affairs. CSI Crying foul, can't understand why others following my lead....

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    I'm still kind of lost why you put yourself through that crap. I think you even said you don't use RL before all this drama came about. There are lots of free blender objects that people have created available for developers etc. None of the backlash when you take something down. Plus there are fairly easy ways to make things happen in most game engines even if it's just for display purposes.



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    Can't say use RL all that much itself. Just like to model for the most part. Have yet to operate a train even around a layout, that portion holds no interest. I do like all the content offered by everyone, some basic, others detailed. Compared to many, mine are more gobs & dobs up close, but presentable, many seem to enjoy their use regardless. Its the modding community that seem to take issue when my follower numbers begin to climb. I don't know if feel pulling eyes away from others.

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