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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Another rolling "Bill-Board" added to the SMRY Family of AC44s.
    This time RLRX-6395 honors "Rolling Line" thru-out the world.

    Base Unit is Property of "Rolling Line", &, Holding Co.


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    Quote Originally Posted by seagoon View Post
    Why are the draw-bars and couplers so stretched?
    Well goon, the last few days, I finally hit on the formula that now closes the gap between Knuckles/Drawbars.
    I've begun to replace the HornHook looking couplers of the defaults with my own renditions.
    I used my self made TrackMobile as test bed for the various formulas. I managed to apply various numbers
    in the range between 10-150 dependent on eng/car lengths, thus, far working/looking well.

    Feeling rather proud of myself, as, had me stumped for sure.

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    Trying the camera while in "Rolling Line" this evening.
    Here's a batch of snapshots for the hell of it.
    Hopefully others able to enjoy the looks / feel.
    Be another batch along shortly.


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    Last 2 shots.!...
    Long Live "Rolling Line"....


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    While the creative juices flowing like todays rain, created a sister unit in white.


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    nice work I hope we can get these in FTRS without overriding main stock

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    Thank You!. Is that You lurking out there Smiley?. Do give both Fudge & Tigger an extra portion from uncle Scotty... lol...

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