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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Merry Christmas TS Family.
    Today worked on another version of WIPX. This time 1225 = 12-Dec / 25th day / 2020
    Rolled in another set of tucks & wheel sets. Hollowed pretty much the entire body, cut out the grills, chicken wire, & fan assemblies.
    Created some small features, added both step & frame lights. Created skates, along with their holders & Frog. Created entirely new drawbars & coupler assemblies. Little of this, little of that. Anyways, Enjoy!.

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    Latest MofW project. 1-Regulator uploaded to the WorkShop for "Rolling Line" Maint Of Way Depts.


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    Another late night project for the MofW Depts. of "Rolling Line".

    Barrett & Jackson Auctions:
    1 Used MofW FMC RailTruck up for bids. All proceeds to benefit RollingLine Railway / GaugePunk Industries.

    Was a neat project. Didn't bother with interior, nor, cutout of windows.
    Also, didn't separate the wheelsets Front/Back like other locos/rolling stock normally does within RL .obj files, just left as part of model, seems to operate fine as is.


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    Another member of the RL family been asking for another version of WhaleTank. Today having issues with the O'l eyes, still managed to crank out this version. TILX-126700 / HazMat-1267 service. Hoping, fits in with others.


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    After watching the fuel truck & driver today. This Hybrid conjured up the imagination. Roots Trucking was soon born, lol, actually a long days project. Anyways. Every RR/RY needs a weed sprayer or 2. Don't be shy, little Decanal / RoundUp good for what ales ya. "Down The Hatch".
    Attachment 80826Attachment 8082720210102023601_1.jpg

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    Stuck a 4pk of older PDs (Pressure Differentials) had created up at the WorkShop. I both refitted with NA DrawBars / Knuckles, &, TrainLines, along with, 2 different style WheelSets & Truck Assemblies. Little of this, little of that. Enjoy!.

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    Pickers: Used Industrial Silo & Shoot For Sale.

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    Thought would create something different in honor of 'Rolling Line" dev, Jack. "Guardian Of The Fields". Spring's not too far off.


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    Latest Creation: CarFloat. Another "Rolling Line" member (FRYSCO) had created the Tug some time ago. I had given it a name in their honor. Enjoy the SnapShots:


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    The last few days been creating a SideWinder. "Rolling Line" now has "Hulcher Services" to the rescue with their reliable SideBoom's at the ready.


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