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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Been a little time away from TS. Thought would share more snapshots of projects have / had been creating. Note The gray / white versions are user paintable within game. more snapshots in a moment.

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    more: note the GETA Sulfur equip is to go alongside the latest layout release from Rolling Line. 20210225144440_1.jpg20210226112811_1.jpg20210226112827_1.jpg20210226123609_1.jpg20210226184045_1.jpg

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    lastly, several damaged units. note: there's 2 CN units 1 can be moved on rail, other, just a static display. anyways, hopefully enjoyed!. 20210124174843_1.jpg20210123215947_1.jpg20210124131939_1.jpg20210124145413_1.jpg20210124145204_1.jpg

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    While GF in the hospital (major stroke), been laying low here, working in the backgrounds. Others, had asked for Cylinder Hoppers, thus, gave me incentive to create several. I had created 2 of each version, V1 with texture, V2 with a more watercolor effect. Hoping would be less taxing on PCs. Enjoy!.

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    last 1. Comparison shots V1-Texture, V2 watercolor effect. All the other cars above done / look, much same way when side-by-side.

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