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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Another sad ending to the day, Henchmen must of been lurking, for, I & neighbor rushed the end of property / wood line hearing gunfire, only to discover both cats Andy & Handsome along with farmers cow been shot. Luckily, neighbors tiny grand children unharmed, haven been outside. Never know when-where RL (real-life) will strike. If you's pray hard enough, perhaps I'll be next.
    One can only hope right?.
    Andy & Handsome.jpg
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    Damned. TS Moderator,
    Would you kindly remove last entry, as, really has no relations to RL, TS, or, otherwise. Can be your call remove, or, remain. Appears, I'd missed the deadline to remove it myself. Guess, not thinking all that clearly at the time. Entry has no useful RR value being here. Perhaps, can also remove this entry as well once other's been removed, so as not to look out of place. Thank You Kindly.
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    Who the hell would do something like that? That is sickening. I'm so sorry to hear that.


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    Too Hot to do much of anything outside, &, ban still inplace at RL. Decided to try my hand at a homegrown Passenger Station to help pass the time away, between bouts of tears, &, ponder life. Hopefully others able to enjoy the snapshots!. The white portion of structure will be user paintable. Other details will remain pre-painted.

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    Several more shots!. I painted 2-sets of benches trackside in Red & Green. To match imaginary Red & Green Commuter Lines.


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    With things quiet tonight, jumped back into SMRY Steel Industry. Been wanting to create a Work / Shoving Platform. Finally produced V1, while, working on 3 other variants for another days project. I collected shapes from other projects, to build with. I rather enjoy the look.


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    Produced: V2-(URR) Work / Shoving Platform this morning. Others, on the horizon. Enjoy!.


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    Produced: V3-(RLSW) Working Platform. I attached many parts from my other Locos / Railcars & Props, to produce another spinoff Enjoy!20210815122047_1.jpg20210815121847_1.jpg20210815122143_1.jpg20210815121250_1.jpg
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    Produced: V3-(RLSW) Working Platform. I attached many parts from my other Locos / Railcars & Props, to produce another spinoff Enjoy!20210815122248_1.jpg20210815122316_1.jpg20210815123711_1.jpg20210815130255_1.jpg

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    Had me a time of it, creating v4. I cleaned / decimated the model so many times lost lots of its shape, esp., the thinner details.
    Eventually will try another, producing less verts, &, solid details. Anyways, looks fine for now. I may set this one up as a scrape pile, &, set one of my humanoids loose with cutting torches. This version filled the deck with Welders, Fuel Tank, Argon Tanks In Cage, Crates, Barrels, Coils of Lines/Hoses.


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