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Thread: Rolling Line

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    New Customer for the RRs (SMRY / BPRY) of BogPit-NA.
    20210831235826_1.jpgAnother Industry.jpg

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    Felt like FlatCars today. Here's the latest empty.
    Next going to try several different loads, Got me a need for crated cut stone, from both Proctorsville, &, Barry, Vt. on the O'l mind.


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    Slabs of VT-White-Marble, crated, &, loaded onto FlatCars.


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    Todays Creation: SideDumper v1.


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    With winter fast approaching, SMRY found a need to visit the auctions for several used pieces of MofW equipment.
    Here, we've begun to model several Russell Snowplows before heavy snows set in. v1-retracted-wings, v2-extended-wings. Coming together nicely, thus far.

    Russell Snowplow Production Line.jpgRussell Snowplows.jpg

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    Project little further along. Each, just a little diff from the other.

    Russell Snowplows 2.jpgRussell Snowplows 2.2.jpg

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    Russell SnowFighters: Finally, got both v1 / v2 up & operating. both just a little diff from one another, for a different look / feel.
    Eventually, may send both off to both the paint shop & mechanical depts. for, other colors, additions, details, etc.


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    A good chunk of the day spent cutting down my former 50ft FlatCar to create a 36ft in both, empty / loaded version. I replaced the sides with new, which, I then tried my hand at creating the looks of rivets. The load binders really ate the verts, not able to see them all that well in shots, but, in game standout nicely. Eventually, had to go back cut down the number of rivets, as, verts were getting out of hand. Anyways, I got it to a usable state, that RL could handle, while maintaining a fine look to it. Hopefully others able to enjoy!.


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    Tribute 9/11 PD-Car. I'm working on a more detailed base PD-Car as replacement for this version very old, rather featureless.
    "Never Forget".


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    With Bonnie at the end of life, been very quiet pc wise, not lots of RL interest on my part, however, not able to sleep well, sat up painting another version of PDCar. I had begun prior to update the old v1 to both v2 / v3 variants, namely refined catwalks / grating. pipework & brake hardware, tank / AB valve etc.. Last evening, SMRY sent off a NAHX PD to LV for the imaginary cast at world renowned "Counts Kustoms" for "Horny Mike" to work his air brush magic. We came up with a tribute car for both, St. Louis Union Station & Halloween.


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