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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Worked on another new prop today. v1 of a BioMass facility. Going to try several versions. Another probably be more rail driven. Think will add my RotaryDumper, change things around some helping it feel diff from V1. Like to try another version producing gases from waste that could ship via TankCars. I've also created my first Garbage truck, which I replaced the Mack Cab for an IH version. It's pretty much solid green for the moment, will try a 2-tone version, &, perhaps a user paintable version. Anyways, hopefully others able to enjoy the snapshots of v1 thus far. I've run out of steam for the day!.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SMRY View Post
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    Been also taking care of a feral cat, that's been visiting from the woods. Had a tag on "Diesel". sadly no one on the area wishes to claim him. I was finally able to get him to the vet. He's now up to date with his vacs, neutering, leg resown to close a deep wound. Once home he was so wild tried breaking through the windows, vet advised to let go, which I did, lost track of him just about a week's time, then, one very cold morning was hunkered down in the old Lay-Z-Boy on the front porch. Opened the door he came in without any issue. hasn't left the bed just about a weeks time now. Anyways, a nice Xmas gift from the heavens. He's given me some inspiration to create a model in his honor. The model is both static, &, can be operated along the rails. Happy Holidays TS Family.
    LOVE IT!!!! You need to post these pics on the site that's always giving you crap. Tell them Happy New Year!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt35ge View Post
    LOVE IT!!!! You need to post these pics on the site that's always giving you crap. Tell them Happy New Year!!!
    That had already been done.

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    "Don't Trash RollingLine".
    Today's v1 Prop To Go Alongside The BioMass Facility.
    v2 Presently In SMRY Shops.


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    "Don't Trash RollingLine".
    Night-Shift's v2 Prop. Fresh From The Shops.


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    "Don't Waste Your Time".
    Updated the looks / colors of trash from last nights version.


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    Been working on this Prop, All Day & Night. Inspiration came while watching & talking with the team servicing my tank.


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    The nice folks at "BS" going to try capturing other shots straight on, come warmer weather, hoping to create a better look / fit, in a future version. Was a rather enjoyable project. Also, going to create a user-paintable version, without the graphics in the meantime.


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    Another member requested the following model after supplying a snapshot. So far, so good.

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    Spent the day creating the CoalVeyor in Red 2-Versions LD / MT.
    Created both new super structure / hardware, safety appliances, & Floodgates.


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