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Thread: Rolling Line

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    I've been rather quiet these days, however, thought would share snapshots of the various projects during that time. Don't open the Rolling Line Thread Mike. Not your cup of tea, nor, hot toddy.

    More snapshots in just a moment.

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    No No Mike, Turn Away!. lol. The "Division Bell" unit Pink Floyd, was created as a request from a very young family member in honor of his parents tragically after haven been killed on their way home from shopping years ago.


    Still plenty more in just a moment.

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    in honor of distant family member Alfred Root. For he operated A.L. Roots Trucking when I was very young. He maintained a feet of Macks, Diamond Reo's & T's, along with a lone Autocar, Also, a fleet of Fruehaufs. Their specialty was hauling Lumber. Co. Colors were Green / Red tractors. The cat is "Diesel" while the "Couch Cars" were created as a joke, for one of the RL members gave me the business, &, then they created a Passenger "Coach", but didn't know how to spell "Coach" in its description, &, I tried to point that out {misspelling} in its title, but, got more attacks, so I created my fleet of "Passenger Couches". It finally dawned on them.


    other to follow.

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    these snapshots are the very latest creation within the last weeks' time.

    2-shot are somewhat of a semi-proto / freelanced lineside AEI-Tag Reader.
    The hex base not part of model, used to bring up height wise til I finish ballast / fill work.

    The "CarFloat" was created within the last day, along with a "Slip" for it to tie onto.


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    The "Slip" is today's creation.


    several more snapshot following. "Wake-Up"

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    Couple more of today's creation "CarFloat-Slip, &, that will be it for the moment. Hopefully, Enjoyed The Picture Show.


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    Really nice models you have created there Scott.

    I have so far resisted the temptation to install Rolling Lines.

    Yma O Hyd

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