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    Default Let It Snow, Let it Snow

    Well TS Family hope Santa was able to stop by. Sadly, having no rooftop landing strip & fear Rudolph may sustain leg injuries on what's left of the standing-seam, wasn't able to make it this year. Instead, I've decided to blow some RL snow with both SMRY's SnowFighter & JetBlower.

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    SMRY-2023 joins others of the fleet with their subtle differences.


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    Spent a portion of 2 days working on "Caboose Corners RV & Trailer Sales". Hoping to create 50 varieties of Campers.


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    Pair of the latest trailer models are now on sale for the coming new year. Stop on by at "Caboose Corners RV & Trailer Sales".


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    Latest Style of PopUps to arrive just in time for the year end sales event at "Caboose Corners RV & Trailers".


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    Been somewhat in a slump as of late. Today spent a good chunk reminiscing. Was thinking of both Al & Emiel which I grew up around. Emiel owned a wrecking yd in Wallingford, Ct. which he leased out to Al as Underpass Auto. During my very young years spent my time learning the tools of the trade, operating heavy equipment before I was ten. I used to love riding with Al in his O'l "B" model Mack once a month hauling crushed cars to New Haven. During my time growing up around the junkyard both Al & Emiel sponsored a pair of race cars the 6X & K6. With my O'l memory banks slipping gears can't recall all the features the cars had, but, believe I've got a pretty convincing likeness from boyhood. Both Al & Emiel are both long gone (RIP). However, Underpass Auto still operates. There used to be another junk yard just across the street there, they folded I believe early 90's. I can remember the NHRR approaching Emiel several times over the years wanting to buy the property in order to cut the long mainline curve skirting the yd. Emiel wouldn't hear of it. Anyways I've created a pair of early stockcars in the color schemes I remember. Hopefully, Others will enjoy their looks!
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    Doesn't help when your creations couldn't be highlighted like they deserved. Thankfully I didn't drag you along too much. Perhaps some day I'll look back into it when I regain more confidence. Glad you are still creating Scott.


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    SMRY you do very nice work on your creations. Although i do not have Rolling line i appreciate the content and the amount of talent required to make them.

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    Having a young fella / friend Chris on the mind today. I met Chris during several RR mishaps over the years. He was part of the Haz-Mat team. Sadly in his 30s suffered a massive stroke haven put him out of commission for a time. Even though to this day he's unable to use one side of the bod, &, speech can be a chore. He's still going strong. Maintains a nice home, drives, & his calling is photography. Chris can also be found riding his Tri-Bike all over New England, where he's often entered in various road races, walk-a-thons helping to raise funds for those in need / struggling no matter the degree. Today thought would honor a fine friend Chris with a bike in his honor bound for RollingLine.

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