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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Messing about with the Illinois Railway Museum route:

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    Several within RL quite some time ago suggested creators produce Derail Valley likeness for RollingLine. DR's latest news popped onto Steam got the creative juices flowing, thus, thought I give the DE2 a try. Stage1 was this morning's roughing in of basic shapes. Stage2 is this evening's progress til the eyes gave out. Perhaps others may enjoy the looks. Tomorrow's another day.

    Stage1.jpgDE2 Stage2.jpg

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    Another round of shapes & details for the moment, as, the eyes gave out late day.
    Within the next few days, hoping to create an interior, along with an undercarriage.
    Tomorrow's another day.


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    Eyes have pretty much given out for the day, however managed to create a pair of trucks for the DE2 during the morning hours. I've also fitted the model with my standard Knuckles & Drawbars rather than the style DV uses. I may also create that style as well just to see if I can indeed do so. Need to rest the eyes, then, believe will start on interior features.

    DE2 Stage4.jpg

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    Managed to create & install an interior into our DV/RL DE2 this evening. Time to rest the eyes for the night.

    DE2 Stage5.jpg

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    Version1 of the Derail Valley DE2, has finally made it into Rolling Line.


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    Managed to create somewhat of a DV looking interior along with control panel in green. Also,
    enabled the RL control panel for those that enjoy using the RL controls which can be shown/hidden as desired.


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    A day ago, began creating a likeness to piece in the "Network Rail" family of equipment. Work today came to a screeching halt as the O'l eyes just too painful staring at the screen hr. after hr. Anyways, thought others may enjoy the looks thus far. Something different from the same O'l offered everywhere, over & over it seems, though, I enjoy them all just the same. Today was able to add some colors, fine tune further. Tomorrow's another day. Oops almost forgot had been working on several Trackmobiles prior, have yet to get back to them. Others may indeed enjoy their looks thus far as well.

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    Testing several new tools in both 3D-Builder & Blender.
    Pair of props from Pink Floyd (Division Bell) album cover.

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