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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Latest "Whale" joins others of the pod. Have yet to stencil, not too sure going to bother. Also, began creating 2 Titans. 1 with rail wheels raised, other lowered.


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    Thursday, spent a chunk of it finishing an older project, an, tug / barge combo, in two versions, Ld. / Mt. I stuck in former projects (rollingstock) for a general idea of scale. All the models are user scalable to fit needs anyways. "Ships-Ahoy".


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    Last evening & good chunk of today created a pair of buses. Nothing too detailed, while I created several basic shapes within 3D-Builder. The smaller of the two, just for the hell of it, stayed within the default cube inside 3D-Builder, thus, creating "Stubby" for tite-fit spaces.

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    More of the latest creations had been working on. Perhaps others may enjoy their looks. The Tesla Bus an imaginary creation, thinking of the future. The home brewed Cats in honor of out former "Andy" may she RIP. Thought would try sticking with squares / blocks for a different look.

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    With the latest derailments over the past month or so in the spotlight. Several members of the RL community created staged scenes; thought, I'd try my hand as well. I'd created several damaged models for just such an event.


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    A pair of RR Clubs had commissioned my help with creating another "BigBoy just about a year ago if not little longer. I finally got the model they wanted out to them. I then decided to try somewhat of a spinoff in an effort to get it to fit RL. The base game includes a home brewed BigBoy, which I like the looks of. sadly as of late, many members don't like the default BB, not real enough, not enough rivets, you name it. Anyways, Here's my version. Note the pair of shots with 2-steamers, the BB in the background is the games default version, while mine at the front. I've yet to color different features, along with trying my hand at animating its running gear etc...


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    With a tree haven fallen on the cabin roof this last heavy snowstorm, hired a logger to come in clear any trees remaining that could reach the cabin. While watching the various truck models sitting around the property, gave me the inspiration to create several versions of my own. I've still one to go, which I call v3, as, it's the most detailed version yet, while not finished.


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    Glad to see you're back at it, Scott.

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    With "Memorial Day" on the O'l Noggin this morn, &, with my last absence of a months' time or so due to haven taken a nasty tumble. Thinking of my last RL project. began scouting them up, thought perhaps others may enjoy their looks. Several notes: The Aircraft carrier was a request. The blue truck was supposed to be a simplistic / futuristic looking EV-Tractor. The Holcim unit created using parts from my other creations, thus fictional, same with the Lt. Blue unit fictional. The ship canal was the start of another project which I've yet to get back to. But everything in that snapshot my creations. Actually, started as I was creating the "Canal Mule" which led to others of the canal system. Lastly the "Schenker" OpenTop came from inspiration from the net. That one is still very heavy verts wise mainly in its simulated load, which can be very taxing on the pc while RL's open, thus got to get back to fine tuning overall. I do plan to create another, with the addition of a more N.A. based Coupler/Drawbar/Trainline system. Anyways Enjoy!


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