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Thread: Rolling Line

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    Late day went back into my various goods, dug out 2 recent projects HiRail Truck & PD-Car.
    I reworked the graphics for the wheels for the most part, hoping to help them look / feel polished.
    I believe the treads look rather realistic & not out of place with the overall style Rolling Line uses.
    I also reworked the trucks under the PD to include both brake beams & shoes, for a little more detail that
    shows thru when viewed from the sides. Anyways here's both HiRail1, &, PD. Enjoy!.

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    Tried my hand at building a pair of Phosphoric Acids tanks today. Also, tried lite weathering using Paint3D spray can effect.
    "Long Live Rolling Line".

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    Went back to one of my former project PD-Cars, gave it a quick recolor, then trying something new built SideFrames & WheelSets out of blocks, preformed no cutouts, proceeded to preform an image overlay, then finally touching up colors & laying in the tread areas. Doesn't really follow the color scheme that Rolling Line is great at, still seems to fit well though. I don't believe looks out of place. For me, it's my other companion alongside Run8. Enjoy the pair of quick snapshots.

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    Are these available anywhere or just for your personal use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by seagoon View Post
    Are these available anywhere or just for your personal use?
    So far just myself, as honestly, somewhat afraid to offer, I'm still learning both Blender & RLs need for file size for each project.
    I'm still very much a greenhorn. Some of the movement / features within Blender really throw me off in my thinking.
    From what I'm learning of Rolling Line, best to keep (Verts) as they're calling them down to below 40/50k, which I'm beginning to do so much better, many hover around 16/25k. I hear many other RL users/creators even those kind of numbers can tax a lessor machine, thus, my desire to keep dropping them without loosing too much shape. The list goes on, but, doing better, each turn a new challenge. It's my desire to one day offer many of them for others to hopefully enjoy. I believe when that time comes, probably offer via RLs WorkShop/Steam, &, or, perhaps the Rolling Line Modding Forums site, seems many hang their goods their for the communities use. Hell, perhaps one day via SMRY site/forums that had been setup more for the Run8 scene. "Long Live Rolling Line".
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    During the wee morning hrs. tried my hand at a pair of color schemes, along with honoring former co-worker (SJW), who followed the D&H, while my much much younger nephew (Donnie) requested something in red, white, &, blue. Rail America came to mind, thus, used its color scheme as base. I also included each state flag (CO & NH), where each hang their hats. A nice deviation from the hustle & bustle. "Long Live Rolling Line".


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    While the creative juices still flow this morn. With both U.S. ARMY & USMC maintaining this basic paint scheme. Along with a young family member in mind. Decided to create my own "Rolling Billboard" as we used to call them during my RR days. Enjoy!.

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    Tonight, Another Tribute Unit. This Time U.S. ARMY (70s), &, Young Soldier Haven Passed Away Short Time Ago, From Effects Of Agent Orange. R.I.P. KR!.


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    Finally home, been a long day. Trying other ideas in the weather dept. B4 bed. Winter's just around the corner. Hopefully will be visible for anyone wishing to catch a quick glimpse. Enjoy!.

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