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Thread: Departure

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    Very sad to note Mike DeMaio's passing. May he rest in peace! His work in producing the epic PRR-Eastern Region is and remains quite an accomplishment. As a diehard Pennsy fan, the PRR-ER with Vince Cockeram's Version 2 upgrade is my favorite TrainSim route. I would note that the original Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division Version 2, while merged into the PRR-ER, was constructed by Thomas J. Pearce of Broadway Limited Locomotive Works. Version 1 was released as freeware, while version 2 was payware circa 2006. I still have it loaded, it runs great in Open Rails. It was and remains a very interesting route with many activities. Sadly, it is no longer available. And I'm quite pleased it was merged in the PRR-ER route!

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    My prayers for the whole family during this time!

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