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    Default Consist compression

    One of the easiest methods of creating loose consist strings for yard filler is to take an existing freight train consist, delete the power and EOT, and then replace about 30-50% of the cars in random positions in the string with other stock. It creates consist diversity that does not look so much like the actual freight trains used in an activity. Especially if you have added new stock packs, you now have the opportunity to spread the new stock throughout the old consist.

    When I use Conbuilder, and delete the existing wags in any random position, Conbuilder does not automatically compress the consist string. It allows me to then select whatever replacement wag I choose, and starts filling from the left-most (or front-most) vacant position. If I don't fill all the empty holes with the same amount of new stock, Conbuilder will warn that the consist must be compressed (any remaining gaps closed) before saving.

    With TSRE, every time I delete a wag, the consist automatically compresses. Is there a way to randomly open holes for refilling in TSRE? I don't want any new stock put in the Trainset folder to be added only to the rear end of the old consist.

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    Can't you use random consists for your purpose?

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