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Thread: AI train not finding path

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    Question AI train not finding path

    Im new in the building routes, saw some tutorials in track layout But one thing is not right and cannot figure out what is the issue.
    In une image link below the ai train in that position cannot find path to the station ahead, but if I place the train ahead of the red triangule the train can find the path to the station. I tried to move the track section ahead and Join together, it snaps and in the other side of that section I weld, clicking on the grey cube. Any Ideas how to fix this?

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    I had the same experience after changing a track piece after I created a path in a scenario. My experience has shown that any AI path that is broken as a result of a change in track will render the AI path faulty. It will be necessary to edit the scenario that contains that path and remove the current AI path and replace it with a new path (even if it is the same path).
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