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Thread: Windows 10 and MSTS terrain problem

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    Default Windows 10 and MSTS terrain problem

    I recently quit holding onto Windows 7 and actually got an MS rep to guide me through upgrading to Windows 10. All went smooth except for setting up 3 monitors. I was amazed at how the upgrade actually set up all of my stuff with all of my old settings. They all worked and looked as they always had looked.

    Then for the real test... MSTS booted just fine. A day or two later I encountered a problem when trying to save files using Gmax. This all revolved around the Administrator situation. Despite windows saying that I was an "administrator" the program continually told me I had to login as an administrator to perform certain tasks, especially saving files in one of the Program Files folders. A bit of research on the web seems to have fixed that. Guess I'd better explain what I did. In Windows 10 open the "Computer Management" app. In there open the "Local and Users Groups" and then open the "Users." You should see an "Administrator" icon. If it has a down-arrow showing on it then it is disabled. This is why "Administrator" doesn't show up as someone you can logon as. Dbl-click the icon and open the Properties. Uncheck the "Account is disabled" box and then click Apply. You can now go logon as "Administrator."

    Okay... so things were running along smoothly. I was no longer logging on as Dale but as Administrator. Then yesterday things started to go wrong. I had placed a lot of roads in my route, some of them on hillsides. I do most of my "terrain smoothing" inside MSTS. I clicked the Alter Terrain button and after dragging and creating a box, started to move and click the "F" button to flatten things out. After just a few clicks, the program crashed. I kept rebooting and trying but things just got more and more frustrating. At times, just clicking on the Terrain tool caused the program to crash. I went back and logged on as Dale and it seemed to work fine for a moment and then it again crashed. I started to check for all of the ol' reasons MSTS would crash... things like adding the mem parameter inside the editor link... and even looking at how the world files were numbered for the sections where I was working. After a careful renumbering the program still crashed. I've had MSTS crash thousands of times over the years, but this one had me stumpped.

    Thinking that perhaps I could see if this was something new, I saved my current route and loaded in one that I had saved just prior to upgrading to Windows 10... and again the program crashed. I even went to an area where there was nothing but track (no veg or roads or other addons) and again altering the terrain caused the program to crash.

    Since many of you have used Windows 10 much longer than me, perhaps someone has heard of something like this happening. If so, please reply.
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    Hi Dale,
    Good to see you back again, mate

    I'm a little concerned that you've mentioned 'Program Files' folder in your post. Nothing concerned with MSTS should use that or the C:\Program Files (x86) folder. This is because of the increased security measures Microsoft have put on those, and other similar folders on Drive C: Incidentally, similar measures were applied in Win 7.


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    Also worth considering a switch to TSRE for route editing as the old RE is really quite horrible to use or even get working on modern PC's.

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