Most attention these days goes to TS202x and TSW, but there is still a small but supportive openBVE community at work. Let's focus our attention to the Italian community from Trenomania in this post.

A creator named Arco Etrusco there is creating the real-life route Rome-Florence. It is intended to build like Zusi routes: expand the route each time with a section or module of a certain length.

More about that here:

There was already a kind of beta-release of this route which contained about 5 km tracks, starting at Rome's through-station Roma Tiburtina and ending at Roma Nomentana.
Since then, the route has been extended to the outer conurbation station of Settebagni (start of Rome-Firenze high speed line), and another preview release is available:

They are also working on some rolling stock, this time an exterior model for the ALe.601/841 (=rebuilt/refurbished 601) EMU: