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    Using the JJHXing crossing gates and flashers I get the following problem --
    On a double track crossing an arriving train triggers the bell for 7 seconds ( about the gate lowering time), the lights alternately flash, and the gates lower, which is normal. When the train passes everything clears, also normal.
    However if a train comes in either direction before a certain time has elapsed then the bell rings, only one light flashes and the gates stutter, unable to lower, until the train is at the crossing at which time the gates do lower and both lights flash. But the bell keeps ringing for at least 2 minutes after the train has passed and the gates have raised. If, during the extended bell ringing time, another train comes, the stutter action occurs again. If the 2 minutes of bell ends before another train comes then the gate action will be normal.
    The .sms file has an activate at 100 and deactivate at 100 for only one stream: trigger 3 which is a playoneshot for the bell. Trigger 4 is not used since it is only desired that the bell ring during th gate drop.
    The gate parameters are 20,20,5,10,5 and the flashers are 27,100,5,10,-.0275.
    Any ideas?

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    While I haven't had that exact problem, Joe's signals are an intricate and well thought out system. If you have the manual for them, I'd search that real quick to see if you get any info from it...I don't have them handy right now. I know Joe is still semi-remotely active over on Elvas if you want to try and reach out to him there.

    As far as the flashers go, with long time testing and trial/error, A PROPER flashing rate should be -0.0333.


    -Frank C.

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    I use flash rates between -0.02 and -0.0333 all the time. As for the strange activity, I got nothing

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    As a test I setup a simple route with over a 1000m long straight with a grade crossing having one gate and flasher. I placed a second short track next to it (unconnected) by the gate to hold the player train. I setup an AI train to run every 2 minutes. The gate, flasher and bell worked normally as each AI train passed. However shortening the AI spawn to 1 minute separation produced the gate stutter, single lamp flash, and constant bell ringing. Apparently the first train having passed was keeping the gate raised while the second oncoming train was trying to lower it. This then appears to be a problem with MSTS triggering and not the gates fault.

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    At first I thought this was a sound problem because of the constant bell ringing, but now it appears to be an MSTS problem and belongs in the main section. Can the moderator move the thread?

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