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    some days ago I read an interesting article in a German railroad magazine (Eisenbahn-Kurier) about the S160 "Rattlesnakes" in Europe and especially in Germany. In the file library I discovered exactly that engine. Before I could use her I had to do some changes: Because I wanted to use the loco in Germany I had to change the vacuum brake into air brake. I also did some changes to the coupling distance and bounding boxes. The tender was defined as "freight" in the wag file. I changed that and also gave it intake points for coal and water.
    Most of the S160 worked in Bremen, but according to wikipedia they also were in Koblenz. So I took German Railroads' beautiful Mosel route (the version without overhead wires) for my first explore run.

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    Although these locos have an air pump,they would certainly have been vacuum braked when they worked in the UK;but of course in Germany would have been air braked.

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