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when I built Waycross and I mean Rice Yard exclusively I had the good fortune to have the Former Division Superintendent of Waycross assist me in the building process, so From an official CSX Standpoint, it is spot on."

"as far as size of routes we tend to go by subdivision between major yards, mostly my logic for doing this has been to have a starting point on either end as opposed to starting in the middle of nowhere, and for $40 for 200 miles I felt that was a pretty good value for the money,"

"as for making Waycross the prototypical size, I wanted to see if it could be done and if it would work, and it did :P
Waycross looks to be a nice piece of work. I wish I had the time to run it. SoCal has all my time. I do have A-line though and remember it well. Good stuff.