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Thread: Microsoft train simulator closes right when i launch it.

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    Default Microsoft train simulator closes right when i launch it.

    Alright I’m crying for help this time with Microsoft train simulator. I bought the game because I don’t have a powerful graphics card and can only run dovetail train sim so well on my laptop and wanted something to run smoother. Back to msts, the installation went smooth I used default path as with any other game, installation has completed I restarted my pc as instructed. I’m ready to play some train simulator at this point, so I launch the game accept the license agreement and it just drops me back to my desktop and it does that every time I try to launch and there is no error message at all there’s nothing I just go back to desktop. I have a AMD Radeon r4 graphics card in case you guys are wondering. I’ve heard the game strictly requires nivida graphics cards but I don’t think that’s the problem. Do you guys have any tips on how to actually get the game running in this sort of event? Thanks!

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    MSTS is a very old program that may not work well under newer versions of Windows. Therefore, you will need to reinstall it according to this manual:

    Hopefully, this will help you run MSTS.
    But have you tried OpenRails yet? It uses MSTS content, but is more advanced and uses the resources on your computer better.

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    Hi maverickport16,
    In addition to mmax45581's recommendation, you MUST set train.exe and launcher.exe to "Run as an administrator" from their respective Properties > Compatibility tab. There is no need to tick anything else on the Compatibility screen.


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    Don't use the default install path. MSTS wasn't designed to work with modern Windows (By that I mean Vista and newer...) and you'll run into problems. Follow the "Windows 7" instructions at Steam4Me.

    Search the forums here for the "AMD Fix" or "AMD Patch". AMD graphics don't play well with the (lack of) support for older DirectX in AMD drivers and the Catalyst Control Center.

    Some users have also reported success with dgVoodoo 2, a wrapper which is called when the game runs that processes ATI/AMD graphics APIs through DirectX 11.

    You may also run into problems if you don't have the June 2010 DirectX redistributable package installed. It's still downloadable from Microsoft.

    Why all the DirectX mess? Because MSTS uses DirectX 7, which is pretty ancient. DirectX 9 has a compatibility layer for it, but it doesn't all get installed in Windows by default. And we've just been lucky that Nvidia sees a market in retro-gaming and they keep supporting it in their drivers.


    With Open Rails and ZDSimulator

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    Buy a modern gaming computer.

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