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Thread: Reaching Out to Luke Iverson

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    Hello Friends of the MSTS Community,

    As you may know far back in 2007, our hero, Mr. Luke Iverson, made a spin-off of Thomas and Friends but in an American Setting. It was more than just a form of entertainment. It influenced other series creators and the MSTS community.
    Sadly last August, he closed his channel and all the episodes are history.
    If any of you have his contact info, I'd like to reach out to him as I am planning to do my own reboot of his series.
    LONG LIVE BNSF 8010!

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    While I don't have any contact with him, I specifically remember he said that anyone could take his series and build on it. He "gave" the Full Bucketniers to the community. It's fair game. He also said he wasn't interested in voicing in any new spin offs. Hope that's some help.

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    I want to tell him that I've rebooted his series.
    LONG LIVE BNSF 8010!

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    Anyone so inclined can PM you the details. We don't post contact details on the open forums.

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