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    The Illinois Central "Hawkeye" heads westbound towards an 8:30am arrival at Sioux City, IA in these views captured in the late 1960s. An EMD E9A/E8B pairing leads a consist featuring several FlexiVans in addition to the customary RPO and express traffic accompanying the revenue coaches and sleeper. The overnight roomette fare for the Chicago-Sioux City journey was around $23 at the time.

    Activity inspired in part by content from: "Illinois Central North of the Ohio River" by K. Reynolds & D. Oroszi

    Locos & Consist: BLW/ZT CoNO Set + TrainSim F/L ... Route: GMO-IC/CN (no longer available)

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    Default Illinois Central Hawkeye

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    Where did you get the Flexi-Van cars. If from "TrainSim F/L", what is TrainSim F/L? Have a website?


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    The F/L is the file library at this site

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    Thanks. Guess that was a stupid question.

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