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Thread: Rio Grande Southern V4 Released

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    Default Rio Grande Southern V4 Released

    Today the Rio Grande Southern V4 Route has been released and is ready for download in the File Library. The original route, RGS V3, by Jonathan Lewis was the bedrock for this updated railroad. Many excellent modelers have helped me to recreate this little piece of Southwest Colorado History and I am proud to present the railroad to you for your enjoyment.
    Depots by Paul Charland. Snowsheds and rail components by Derek Miller. Mines by Paul Gorski and Chris Gerlach. Hotels and gas stations by Tim Muir. Locomotives by Bill Pratt and Captain Bazza. Freight cars by Bill Pratt and Tom Werb. Trestles and Motors (Galloping Geese) by Tom Werb. Just to name a few. See the credits list in the documents folder in the RGS V4 folder in ROUTES.
    Activities provided are a little different from what you're used to. Rather than work cars in and out of spurs by the MSTS assigned consist numbers, we move cars like the prototype with Spur Checks of the various yards showing what cars are there by car number and instructions to either hold them there or pull them to specific destinations. Switch Lists show the cars in your train and where they are to go, again, by D&RGW and RGS car numbers. These lists can be found in the instructions in the documents folder. A bit more realistic operation.
    Helpers will have to be cut in and out when climbing the mountain passes, putting the Alt-F9 functions of ORTS to good use.
    I hope you will enjoy operating this route as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.
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    Herb Kelsey

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    Thanks Herb, much appreciated.

    Cheers, R. Steele [Gerry] It's my railroad and I'll do what I want! Historically accurate attitude of US Railroad Barons.

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