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Thread: Could someone look into this.

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    I got curious about this after reading it , Tried it in OpenRails and got the following

    Information: BoilerEfficiencyGrateAreaLBpFT2toX (Saturated) - default information read from SteamTables

    Warning: Steam engine type parameter not formally defined. Simple locomotive has been assumed

    Information: InitialPressureDropRatioRpMtoX (Saturated) - default information read from SteamTables

    Warning: Grate Area not found in ENG file and has been set to 0.557418 m^2

    Warning: Evaporation Area not found in ENG file and has been set to 9.2903 m^2

    Warning: Boiler Volume not found in ENG file, or doesn't appear to be a valid figure, and has been set to 12.04819 Ft^3

    Information: BackPressureIHPtoAtmPSI (Saturated) - default information read from SteamTables

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    Could be the model using a steam engine section to generate the smoke...not needed in OR, there is a smoke effects section that can be added to any caboose.wag file ( coded by Peter Newell ) ... so a separate VGN40.eng file is not needed.

    Effects (
    		SpecialEffects (
    			WagonSmokeFX (
    			-0.80 4.3 -2.29
    			0 1 0
    			0.3 )
    Here's the page giving examples of the various Open Rails steam and smoke special effects ( steamer_ctn web site Coals to Newcastle )
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    I looked again this morning . The wheels have no animation , might be why the brakes are locked.
    Open it in Shape viewer and click on animation, wheels don't move.

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