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Thread: Can't hear Engine Sounds, Only Other Sounds?

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    Default Can't hear Engine Sounds, Only Other Sounds?

    Trying to get engine sounds working from this file (available from the File Library).

    Other sounds seem to work (maybe too loudly), but can't hear engine sounds neither within the locomotive cab nor outside of the locomotive!?

    Despite all associated wave files being present and playing OK individually, either the engine sounds are not actually being played or they are extremely quiet!?

    Here are the cab and eng sms files (zipped) -

    Why can't I hear the engine sounds?


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    Hi meeshu,
    As you've posted in the MSTS Sound Forum, I'm assuming you are running MSTS. If so, make sure that the 'Quantity of Sounds' is set to HIGH - this is set through the OPTIONS > SOUNDS screen of MSTS.


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    Yes, this was for MSTS, sorry!

    Yes! That was the correct answer!! The sound quantity was set at medium by default, so I had to set this to high. Now I can hear all engines!!

    Thanks for that!!

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